Dogwood Grove FAQs

Does the HOA own or manage any common property?
Dogwood Grove Homeowners Association does not own any property such as a clubhouse or pool. However, the HOA is responsible for the upkeep of the brick entrances on Wolf River Blvd. which benefit all residents in Dogwood Grove and serve as the “gateway” to the neighborhood. This upkeep includes planting flowers twice annually, routine mowing, edging, fertilization & landscaping, sprinkler systems, lighting, utilities, and holiday decorations. At times, the maintenance also includes cleaning and repairs to the brick itself.

Are there other purposes of the HOA, besides upkeep of the brick entrance features?
Dogwood Grove HOA works hard to develop a sense of community through numerous social events, contests and activities. In addition, through regular e-newsletters and social media, the HOA promotes the safety and well-being of our residents, which in turn helps keep property values high by making Dogwood Grove one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Germantown.

Does Dogwood Grove HOA have special homeowner covenants, like many other HOA’s?
No. There are no such special covenants or restrictions for the neighborhood itself. However, HOA leadership is in regular communication with City of Germantown leadership to help ensure that city codes and ordinances are followed.

What is the HOA’s official Facebook Group?
The official Facebook group managed by the HOA is “Dogwood Grove Neighbors.” This Facebook group is for neighborhood residents only, but you do not have to be a paid member of the HOA to be a part of the Facebook group. Join us on Facebook.

What are the $60 annual membership dues used for?
Of the HOA’s budgeted expenses for 2024, 52% is for the maintenance of the brick entrances on Wolf River Blvd., as detailed above. The remaining budgeted expenses include 20% for social gatherings, activities & prizes, 11% for insurance, 8% for communications & postal costs, 2% for dues payment processing, 3% for contingencies, and 4% for other fees and expenses.

Are members-only events restricted only to neighborhood residents?
Members are welcome to bring children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to HOA-sponsored events.

Are there any members-only events geared to adults?
Many of our events are geared to kids, but we do have events geared to both children and adults. Our Spring Block Party scheduled for April 13th is largely for adults and we plan to have a live band and food truck on hand. Neighbors bring their own chairs and enjoy a fun evening getting to know one another while listening to live music.  The HOA also hosts an annual Mardi Gras Parade, as well as numerous food trucks that adults can enjoy.

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